WorkCompLine Education is a leading provider of continuing professional and career path education and training for the multidisciplinary range of professionals and organizations who are involved in the Workers’ Compensation System. While we currently specialize in the California Workers’ Compensation System, a wide array of our education courses are relevant across states and internationally. At WorkCompLine, we believe that education is the most powerful tool available to assist professionals to continuously develop their skills, competence, build their careers, and deliver results to their organizations

WorkCompLine is the most reliable source of comprehensive Continuing Education and our catalog has a wide spectrum of engaging and practical how-to courses developed to advance critical professional knowledge and improve organizational performance. We continuously integrate new subjects while advancing our own capability and technology to bring learning to you. We are committed to advancing education designed to effectively manage the Workers' Compensation System to deliver better results to all the stake holders.


WorkCompLine specializes in education related to the Workers’ Compensation system. We understand the challenges faced by the employers, injured workers, professionals, payers, and providers. We know their specific education needs. We are committed to being a bridge to improve professional performance through education and personal development so that the Workers’ Compensation system can be managed effectively to obtain desired performance and results.

Our mission is to advance the capacity of the multidisciplinary professionals and organizations through need based, skill driven, and solution oriented continuing education.


  • To be the center of excellence for Workers’ compensation continuing education
  • To professionalize Workers’ Compensation Continuing Education
  • To be a key contributor in the effective management of the workers’ compensation system through professional development and continuing education
  • To be the answer for education solutions for all workers’ compensation stakeholders


WorkCompLine is supported by a highly qualified, experienced, knowledgeable and forward thinking team of professionals.

Our team is composed of:

  • Experienced managementstaff
  • Researchers and needs evaluators
  • Workers’ Compensation experts
  • Education design and development experts
  • Adult learning professionals
  • Subject matter experts
  • Website management experts
  • Information technology professionals
  • Marketing and business development associates
  • Assistants and coordinators

The team is required to work within the parameters of the policies, procedures, and standards set by WorkCompLine professional and the accreditation bodies. The team members must meet qualifications and are required to maintain their specific credential.


WorkCompLine Education is designed for the multidisciplinary teams of professionals and organizations who are involved in the Workers’ Compensation system.

A partial list of professionals who can benefit from our courses include:

  • Claims Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Lien Negotiators and Litigators
  • Attorneys and Paralegals
  • Hearing Representatives
  • Bill Reviewers and Specialists
  • Medical Coders
  • Expert Witnesses
  • Medical Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Brokers
  • Services Providers
  • Fraud Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Business Managers
  • Data Analytics Specialist
  • Information Technology Specialist
  • Marketing and Business Development Specialists

The workers’ compensation multidisciplinary team of professionals; including registered nurses, medical doctors, medical bill reviewers, claims managers, attorneys, insurance professionals, brokers, and others may have specific requirements for accreditations of the courses for the purpose of issuing Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

WorkCompLine will take steps to meet all those requirements. This is a work in progress for WorkCompLine Education.


Our goal is to make our education accessible to you through the most convenient venue possible.

Our courses are available:

  • Online with 24/7 access
  • Onsite to your organization
  • Through live seminars and webinars as scheduled


  • WorkCompLine Education is accredited as a provider for continuing education by the American Institute of Outcomes and Claims Management (AIOCM). All courses developed must meet accreditation criteria in order to be eligible for publishing. AIOCM adheres to National Standards of Continuing Education
  • Many professional bodies such as Registered Nurses, Medical Doctors and Attorneys require specific accreditation for education contact hours. WorkCompLine will comply with those requirements through its own application or strategic partnerships. Seeking those accreditations is a continuous process for WorkCompLine
  • If you are taking continuing education for licensure, please make sure your licensing body accepts WorkCompLine Education. It is important that each professional understands the continuing education requirements for his or her particular professional license or certification
  • Continuing education for clinical professionals vary from state to state. While the majority of state licensure boards and national organizations accept online courses for continuing education credits, some do not. Others may place a limit on the number of CE hours a practitioner can earn online. Please verify with your specific licensing body


  • WorkCompLine continuing education contact hours are measured in minutes. Sixty (60) minutes is equal to (1) one hour of continuing education. For online courses, students will complete the courses in more or less the time estimated for the course. WorkCompLine learning course hours are determined through a field testing process which analyzes and evaluates typical completion times
  • Course material will include an eBook and presentation material that may include PowerPoint, video, and audio presentation
  • Upon completing online courses, your certificate will be saved in your account. You may print your CEU certificate to keep for your records
  • If you attend a live presentation you will receive a certificate upon completing the course
  • You will receive continuing education hours for all the courses you take with WorkCompLine. Specific professionals such as RNs and Bill Reviewers, etc. will receive their specific CE contact hours certificate